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Transsexual: 23y (Germany) 47.3k visits

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I love to see some tributes for me. Put your cum all over me and send me your pics.


Transsexual: 31y (USA) 12.1k visits


Transsexual woman: 32y (Estonia)

3 videos

sissy for husband


Transsexual: 21y (Peru) 18.6k visits

5 videos

. Citas y Contacto: 900644964 . ATENDIENDO EN AV. QUILCA C/N FAUCETT, Soy una chica Trans Charapita Caliente de 21 añitos, de Iquitos sangre caliente, muy morbosita!... . Brindo servicios a caballeros que les gusta el sexo anal y una buena mamada de verga! . Soy goloza y aguantadora!!! - Servicios XxX - Trato de pareja - Full poses !!!! Llámame bebé 900644964!!!


Transsexual: 32y (USA) 18.9k visits

7 favs - 12 photos

Im a sissy slut each day ill post a new video in my 365 chastity challenge. If you live in tx or near contact me at and we'll see if we can work out a time and place to meet


Transsexual: 25y (Colombia) 10.4k visits

5 videos - 31 photos


Transsexual: 30y (USA) 798.6k visits

5 videos - 75 favs - 22 photos

If you enjoy my content, please consider tipping or purchasing content on ManyVids, or find me on LIVE on Chaturbate - @StephSpunk for both. Thank babes ;)

Slovak Tranny Zuzka

Transsexual: 28y (Slovakia) 1.9k visits

2 videos - 1 fav


Transsexual: 19y (USA) 16.5k visits

5 videos


Transsexual: 30y (USA) 9.8k visits

4 videos


Transsexual: 54y (Mexico) 28.9k visits

6 videos - 300 favs - 82 photos

Soy muy excitante a la hora de mostrarme, ya sea por medio de mis imagenes o por mis videos,me encanta sentir algo rico dentro de mi hasta saciar mi cuerpo,en mi intimidad me gusta hacer cositas ricas, como transformarme ,estoy abierta a proposiciones ricas, siempre y cuando no se mezcle con drogas ni malos ratos,tengo ricas nalgas y suelo mover riquisimo mi cuerpo para sentir cosas ricas. Me gusta que me manden videos y fotos cuando esten haciendo cositas ricas.


Transsexual: 22y (USA) 67k visits

88 favs - 86 photos

Im a freindly transsexual College student in Connecticut. Im 19. Im going to try hard to bring you the best perverted sex vids and pics because I want to help you get your big fat dick erect, and help you ejaculate all over yourself. I wish I could suck all your pretty cocks, unfortunately I cant. Ill let you pick me up and Ill blow you if youre in the area I love to give sloppy head to random men. I have a fantasy where I want to go into a prison and let all of the big strong ruthless men and sex offenders gangbang me, and subject me to their sick deviant perversions unload their filthy, evil balls up my ass and down my throat. I want to taste their loads of sin and get slapped around and humiliated, pissed on and left nearly drowning to death in a massive pool of all the mens cum, spit sweat and piss to where I'm so cum-glazed in the nasty pretty fuckslime that I cant pry myself off the prison cell floor. I want them to make me leave naked and obscenely drenched in babygoo as I walk away in public to ask for a phone.. I want people to see me as the sluttiest sight they ever saw, I want to feel stupid. I have "daddy issues" .I need to be abused and.degraded sexually, physically and verbally. Feel free to leave comments saying anything you want to me, you can be horribly disgustingly rude I am new here and trying to make friends and build a huge collection of pics of cocks and boys and cum and transsexuals. I also advise that ALL straight men watch Sissy-Hypno, I challenge men to watch it for a week non-stop, or are you too scared of becoming attracted to things your masculine ego and our society repressed in you? Try it and see. WARNING FOR THE PRUDENT MINDED: Im a horny and very sexually twisted bratty little baby gurl. I like to write my fantasies explicitly.Im a very sexual person. Im the most sexually open- minded and non- judgmental gurl you can meet. I love you for your sexual attractions, and I adore and admire all of your peversions. I believe everyone should just be bisexual and should fuck eachother. Orgies everywhere with everyone. Families all sleeping in one big fuckbed.I LOVE ALL GAY PEOPLE, MALES AND FEMALES LGBTQ! I need men and women to babysit me sexually and make me be their stupid fucktoy. I like to talk babyish about sex sometimes. I need a big strong man to own me. I want men to try sucking my hairless sissy-pee-pee. Most men, nine times out of ten end up sucking my sissycock and enjoy it intensely. Guys, just try sucking a cock, no one has to know, and i know men wonder what its like to suck a cock, its normal human nature, just repressed by societys standards and stigmas surrounding the male image and ego. Its all a manmade illusion, think freely, give yourself permission to explore the naughty unknown. You'll thank yourself for being real. I want to have sleepovers with couples and be byour submissive fucktoy. I'll fuck your husbands buttpussy and make his tube of sexmeat boune and wag until it gets stiffer and his boner pokes straight up with my sissyfag cock up his ass. I WILL do sexual things of ANY nature with you if I get to know you a bit. I like to submit to old men, I think its sexy to let them do perverted things to me. love all sex acts known to man, just about. I want to meet the sickest most twisted diabolical perverts I want to like each others pages and share filthy sex pics/vids with each other .AND I WANT TO SEE YOUR DICKS So I can praise their beauty and touch my swollen cock in my panties. Ill even write you cock-poetry about how prettyful your big fat COCK is. Please show it to me, I love obsessing over dicks, especially sexy dicks of men and sissy-gurls I dont know. Just staring at the naked dick, right in my face, making me touch myself and making my mouth water. Im here for porn mostly so I can add stuff to help you get your beautiful cock erect and help it ejaculate, because YOUR COCK IS MY GOD! AND ALSO: I want to suck cock, ill go somewhere with you to blow you until you unload your big round hot fucking balls down my throat, so I can swallow your prettyful , sexy white gooey hot load of fuckbabies. It''ll be our dirty secret. DIRTY LITTLE SECRET ABOUT MY BOYHOOD THAT I ILL EXPOSE IT BECAUSE THIS PAGE IS THE TIME AND PLACE TO EXPLOIT MY SEXUAL LIFE . IM A SHAMELESS DEVIANT SISSY FAGGOT-GURL, AND HERES HOW I GOT ADDICTED TO SUCKING COCK: I remember being a little boy. I used to go in the woods with my cousin, get naked, and suck his adorable little cock. The memories excite me because it happened a lot for a couple of years and so remembering it makes my mouth taste like his bald fleshy soft, squishy, spongey elephant trunk-looking uncircumcised penis. It looked like a little elephants trunk made out of penis flesh. Like a little ardvarks snout. How is that not just down right adorably amazingly cute? I remember it hanging obscenely staring me in the face when he wanted me to open my mouth for his slippery feathery-soft foreskin to glide between my lips, Id open my mouth to wrap my lips around his boyworm as he wiggled it inside my horny and curious mouth, and Id say: AHhhhhh!-..Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug...Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug..."Mmrphhh mmrfrm fmmrrf mrphhh mmrfrm fmmrrf!"Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug, glug glug glug, glug glug glug...And slobberd all over his naked balls as I was licking them. He sucked my cock too. Then we got other boys and my female cousin Amanda to get naked in my room, and in the woods after school and we'd suck cock and lick her pussy, and watch her sqaut and piss in front of us. THEN Amanda started painting my nails and putting makeup on me and I was more of a girl than a boy sexually. I was just like her, we were in it to suck cocks togeather more so than playing with her pussy, which was very cute too, but I was her gurlfriend and we shared cocks. True story. Thats why now I crave BIG FAT UNCIRCUMCISED COCK. AND WHEN I SEE AN ELEPHANT I GET HORNY BECAUSE OF THE TRUNK. I love my cousin for always letting me blow him even when he was busy playing video games.I love sucking the soft fluffy foreskin, and I worship the cum in a males balls, its powerful and magical, cute live spermies swimming in my tummy when COCK erupts and the BIG ROUND HOT FUCKING BALLS get unloaded down my throat. Its my yummy holy cummunion. COCK IS MY GOD, I OBEY COCK, I SUBMIT TO COCK,. I SING HYMS OF PRAISE WHEN I MOAN FROM COCK IN MY BUTTHOLE, MOAN IN PAIN AND PLEASURE LIKE A GOOD BABY GURL. KNEELING BETWEEN YOUR LEGS WITH YOUR PANTS PULLED DOWN IS MY CHURCH. I'm a stupid fuckslut that wants to be molested and abused and spanked and tied up and pissed on like a public urinal. I want to give footjobs, I love BIG DICK BETWEEN MY PEDICURED SOFT SOLES. MY FEET ARE SEX OBJECTS FOR COCK AND ILL FOOTFUCK ANY MAN WHO ASKS. I love girls and fucking them up the ass making it HURT because its sexy. I love young teen smooth petite feminine looking boys. .......I love pee pees. Do you like looking at pee pees? Trouser snakes...boy- worms? Soft uncircumcised ant-eater-snouts , elephant trunks sticking in your face? Fluffy foreskin? Horny Shaved, waxed hairless cock bouncing around and flapping spastically because theres a big HUGE FAT MONSTER COCK UP HER GURLY ASSPUSSY? PLEASE DADDY FUCK A BABY IN ME? PUT YOUR BIG MANCOCK IN MY POOPHOLE AND EJACULATE CUMMIES INTO MY BELLY AND FUCK A BABY UP ME? FUCK ME INTO A SISSYMOMMY! BE THE DADDY, FUCK A BABY IN ME, FUCK A CUTE BABY SISSYBRAT UP MY LITTLE BUMMY, THE FIRST NATURALLY BORN GIRL WITH A HUGE PENIS? Fuck the sissybabby up me, Ill give anal-birth and probably ejaculate all over the place as the sissyfag gapes open my ass, giving mommy a prostate orgasm. I want to change her diaper, do you want to help me change her? See her big fat weiner? WRITE ME DISGUSTING COMMENTS IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT PLEASE! ITS YUMMY AND I WANT MEN TO VERBALLY DEGRADE ME, I DESETVE IT. I WANT TO WIGGLE MY BUMMY- HOLE ONTO A BIG PAINFULLY-SIZED SCARY LOOKING FAT BLACK NIGGER-COCK AND I WANT IT TO PUNISH ME AND OWN ME. I WANT TO BE FUCKED UP THE DIRTY SHITBOX BY A ENORMOUS SEXY BLACK NIGGER COCK AND I WANT IT TO HURT AND MAKE ME CRY AND FUCK THE CUM OUT OF ME. ......BOUNCING PEE PEES....YUMMY! WANNA BE MY FRIEND AND PLAY DOCTOR WITH ME? I LOVE YOU ALL, AND I WANT TO SEE YOUR COCKS, AND I WANT TO SEE WOMEN BUMPING PUSSIES TOGEATHER. PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF TRY SOMETHING GAY. DONT BE SCARED TO TRY SUCKING A DICK, THATS WIMPY. GIVE IN TO LUST AND PLEASURE A BIG FAT TUBE OF MANCOCK. RAISE YOUNG BOYS AND GIRLS TO WATCH SISSY HYPNO TOGETHER AS A FAMILY. SNEAK INTO YOUR GIRLFRIENDS SONS ROOM AT NIGHT WHILE YOUR WOMAN IS SLEEPING AND WAKE HIM UP WITH A MESSY BLOWJOB PIN HIM DOWN HIM AND KEEP SUCKING HIM UNTIL HE SQUIRMS AROUND IN PLEASURE AND HAS AN ORGASM IN YOUR MOUTH AND LOVES IT AND NEVER TELLS Its okay to suck a cock into a violent spasming ejaculation to make him empty his balls, then eat his white fuck-goo. Eat his babies, let them swim in your tummy, be their mommy. Suck married mens dicks, its fun to swallow the babies his wife wanted to have, haha! Bitch, I gargled your baby you were trying for and gulped your dreams down my throat as your man watched and i thought the wad of sexy white fuckstuff tasted sooo good, I enjoyed eating your son/daughter. Its okay to like it when you were molested. I was "Molested" ,and im thankful that i was fucked into the sexfaggot-sissybitch that I am today. I think of myself as an incarnation of the demon known as Baphomet, a representation of the devils physical appearance, and Baphomet has breasts and a penis. I want to give baphomet a blowjob. And I want to get naked in a bedroom with you and we could play forbidden games. PLEASE SHOW ME YOUR DICKS SO I CAN OBSESS OVER THEM AND SAVE THE SEXY.ONES IN MY SPECIAL HOT PRETTY PENIS FOLDER AND LITERALLY WORSHIP ITS INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF SEXYNESS, AND ILL LOOK AT YOUR NAKEY PEE PEE AND CRAVE IT SO MUCH. I LOVE ANYONE WHO HAS A PRETTYFUL PENIS AND I ALSO TRUELY LOVE YOU IF YOU ALSO OBSESS OVER DICK. I LOVE COCK!!!!!!!COCK! BIG FAT UNCIRCUMCISED ELEPHANT TRUNK LOOKING COCK! FEATHERY SOFT FLUFFY FORESKIN MAKES MY MOUTH TASTE LIKE COCK!! ...: Big DICKS..Cute little dicks..Black COCK! GIRL-DICKS..."


Transsexual woman: (USA)

6 videos


Transsexual: 42y (USA) 11.6k visits

Just trying to get a nut.I love women's clothes. Makeup cigarettes and fat ildoe...lube up skype me @the corpse 6

Bonaparte Clusterbuck

Transsexual couple: 48y (Thailand) 44.1k visits

72 videos

Total Slingslut for Thai Ladyboys. Mainly


Transsexual: 24y (Switzerland) 11.5k visits

11 videos

Aleksa 18

Transsexual woman: 22y (Kazakhstan) 10.8k visits

6 videos

Приветик Любительница хорошего секса)))

Nj Xdresser

Transsexual: 34y (USA) 20k visits

6 photos

LOOKING FOR PLAY MATES WHO CAN Accommodate my desire to get spun and get wild. OR OFFER ME SOME SEXY SIDE JOBS AS I AM UNEMPLOYED BUT A GREAT MAID, would love to fulfill a few fantasies like being recorded, watched, in public etc Also would consider pimping a sissy slut out and make sure she gets used and paid and of course fucked up and fucked good. Would possibly also consider being pimped out by the right person for a night. Something about being high as hell and bought like a fuck toy that's so hot to me ? I AM A PNP GURLLLL ALL the Way. Tina is my bitchhhh bring a ball spin out and go crazy while you tailer me to your perfect slut. Outdoor kink love it all. But I AM INEXPERIENCED WITH MEETINGS. Love to dress to someone's request whether they buy the clothes or not. I have over many years experience as a Dom in my male persona and interested in trying my sissy Dom side out although I'm typically submissive in my girly persona. Mostly passable except voice. Let's talk!

Transexual Hooker

Transsexual: 57y (USA) 12.8k visits

6 photos

I am a highly sexual Transexual and enjoy all aspects of sex. MY biggest dream in life is to do Tranny Porn. I love to make people happy and turned THEM on???


Transsexual: 39y (USA) 19.1k visits


Lizandra A

Transsexual: 23y (Brazil) 78.9k visits

7 videos


Transsexual: 18y (USA) 2.8k visits

2 videos

Juliana De La Rosa

Transsexual: 28y (Spain) 11.8k visits

2 videos


Transsexual: 31y (Germany) 49k visits

11 videos - 439 favs - 36 photos

Naaaa ;) Du hast druck ??? dan besuch mich!! schieb mir deinen schwanz tief in den hals..... ich liebe es deinen schwanz bis zum schluss in der kehle zu verwöhnen ! bis du mir tief in die kehle spritzt und mich somit zum schlucken zwingst ! Schön das ihr mich gefunden habt ! Ich bin tv 28 bin 180 groß und 84 kg schwer mit stolzen 19x5 im schrit! Habe braune haare braune Augen und trage keinen bart. Ich habe da so die ein oder andere unausgelebte Fantasie die ich mir gern mit dir (euch) erfüllen möchte. So vorerst genug von mir :p Ich bin auf der suche nach einem (oder auch zwei) netten Mann(ern) die Lust auf gelegentliche Treffen haben. Du solltest allerdings gepflegt+diskret+gesund sein und einen schönen großen schw.... Haben!!! Den ich liebe es lang dick und sehr ausdauernd! Trifft zu ?? Gleich schreiben ;) Ich stehe unteranderem sehr drauf mich für dich (euch) zur Frau zu machen und deinen gelüssten vollkommen ausgeliefert zu sein! Ich  bin extrem versauen und offen für fast alles^^ (kv ist ein nogo !!!) Sollte ich dein Interesse geweckt haben dann sehen wir uns ja schon bald in mir ;) Lg


Transsexual: 60y (USA) 10.8k visits

55 favs

I'm bisexual. I love women, but I enjoy putting on panties, small pretty bras and other girl things and let someone do me like I was a girl. I'm in Commerce City, CO. Would any one, or two, male and female like to come see me? I know you would have a good time. That's if you really do like to cum.


Transsexual woman: 18y (Colombia) 9.1k visits

4 videos - 2 photos

Alice Transmx

Transsexual: 27y (Mexico) 41k visits

I'm a latín transexual from México looking fo a hot man that enjoy girls like me ... I love the mature hairy boys! I'm so sexy contact me! Chica trans de México me encantan los hombres velludos y calientes yo una chica muy sexy buscame ! Oi gente , eu sou uma menina transexual do mexico mais eu sou uma mistura entre México e Brasil , eu gosto de homens gostosos e peludos , contacte-me Salut! Jê suis une transsexuelle mexicaine que aime les hommes poilus.. Je suis très sexy contactez-moi!

Proffesionalslut Entertainment

Transsexual: 33y (USA) 32k visits

3 videos - 4 photos


Transsexual: 22y (USA) 23.4k visits

Jhuly Araujo

Transsexual: 29y (Brazil) 122.5k visits

Louise Carreiro

Transsexual: 23y (Brazil) 19.4k visits

6 videos - 13 photos


Transsexual: 34y (USA) 37.6k visits

4 videos - 1 fav

I'm a slut from NYC ,love a girl with a long strap on to put inside of me


Transsexual woman: 30y (United Kingdom)

3 videos

I am a shy girl and I have a very naughty personality but new to xvideos I am my master slave but come and play with me I am quite kinky ? with many fetishes but the ones I like the most are impact play cock suckling and anal being tied up and being called a dirty slut because they are right I am a slut and whore but I love hearing it I am on fetlife so join me there name same as here


Transsexual: 41y (Brazil) 43.9k visits

1 video - 20 photos


Transsexual: 25y (USA) 25.1k visits

2 videos


Transsexual: 28y (USA) 6.7k visits

10 videos

I’m nasty and I like to have fun I have a foot and sock fetish I like to get filled on the ass really good also friendly do t be shy to inbox mee

Kettlye Trans

Transsexual woman: 26y (Brazil) 48.3k visits

26 videos - 7 photos

³Sou mulher transexual Quer gravar comigo entre em contato comigo através do meu Instagram ou através do meu link promocional quem quiser ver todos só ir no meu grupo de assinantes do telegram com um valor mensal, ou pacotes de vídeos.. Contato 85999019004. Instagram @kettlyesalvatore25


Transsexual: 27y (India) 158.4k visits

7 videos


Transsexual: 31y (USA) 21.3k visits


Transsexual: 28y (Brazil) 51.1k visits

1 video - 34 favs - 13 photos

Quero ser putinha de macho !! Amo mamar até o final, tomar todo o leitinho e apanhar na cara. Me chamem.

Obsidian Jones

Transsexual: 36y (Australia) 7.6k visits

20 videos

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Goddess Obsidian is a fear and pain specialist who epitomises magnificence. She is amazonian in stature and a mesmerisingly beautiful beast. She is over 6 feet tall and has a thick, 7" cock. An pre-op transgender woman, Obsidian loves to wear latex costumes, fetish masks and an array of kinky footwear. She also has a versatile BDSM skillset, specialising in impact play (spanking, flogging, caning, whipping, beating) and excels when it comes to intimidation. With a background in the performing arts, Obsidian also loves the theatrical, dramatic side of BDSM and pays particular attention to detail when it comes to aesthetics. She wants each BDSM session to engage all of a submissive's senses and also their emotions. Those who are interested in the spiritual nature of crystals will recognise that the name Obsidian is derived from the black, volcanic stone which is said to draw out negative energy and promote healing in a person who comes into contact with it. In parallel to this, when engaging in BDSM Obsidian doesn't go into sessions with a purely sadistic mindset. The overall outcome, from her point of view, is not to simply hurt or break a submissive. BDSM can manifest cathartic experiences that help a person to deal with trauma, and the overall intention of the BDSM process should be to heal. Or to help a person develop and grow. Domination certainly does not always have to be a pain based activity. Obsidian also thrives when it comes to sensual play and sensory play. She loves to play the role of the dark, malefic goddess, and loves to assert dominance and control. But rest assured, beneath her formidable and at times ferocious facade, there is always a big empathetic heart. The desire to connect and deliver sessions in a safe, sane and consensual manner always underly everything that will ever transpire in her sessions.


Transsexual: 31y (Japan) 60.9k visits

21 videos - 17 photos

Momiji I love crossdredding.


Transsexual: 30y (Peru) 85.6k visits

13 videos

Sola karen tello una chica trans cumpliendo toda tus fantacias sexual mi wsp 980322821 solo personas interesados estoy tomas valle departamento privado


Transsexual: 61y (USA) 93.3k visits

63 videos - 75 favs - 147 photos

Where are all of you big cock stud's hiding. I'm going to have a party on the 5th of July 2022 and I'm looking for three 3 big cock's too CUM GANGBANG ME. I WILL HAVE A HIGH END ROOM NEAR SEATTLE AND I'M OFFERING 100. AND PARTY FAVS FOR EACH GUEST. MUST BE WILLING TO BE FILMED.!!!! CUM FUCK ME. I'm always looking for big local COCKS too suck and to FUCK me long and hard. I'm a middle aged mtf I recently started hrt and am currently full-time transitioning. I enjoy romantic dates long walks on the beach, going to the movies and I love smoking weed 420. Currently single and always looking for Mr. Wright, self supportive though I would be grateful for any $$$$$$$ donations for BREAST IMPLANTS $$$$$$$$, please help and send me an email and I will send you my address and contact info.


Transsexual: 21y (USA) 46.6k visits

Alessandra Blonde

Transsexual: / 58k visits

1 video

My name is Alessandra Blonde, I am 23 years old, from Argentina. I am a pre-op transsexual and will always be... I can't even think of parting with my delicious shepenis :) I have 36D breasts with very sensitive nipples that respond to your touch by getting erect... just like my shecock does! ;)


Transsexual: 49y (France) 18.9k visits

11 favs - 26 photos

transgenre crédible j'assume ma personnalité très salope, soumise actrice porno hard en Espagne... escorte bien chienne...


Transsexual: 39y (USA) 3.6k visits

4 videos

Good times with myself . I'm a freak I will try anything once. Will private show for my friends and admirers. It's not free but close:) message me private for more info

Arakane Satomi

Transsexual: 34y (Japan) 41.6k visits

Mia Amaral

Transsexual: 24y (Portugal) 214.3k visits

11 videos - 8 photos

Instagram @mia.amaral Snapchat @mia.amarall Twitter @the_miaamaral Whatsapp +351912043253


Transsexual: 40y (USA) 72.1k visits

74 photos

Hello I am the lovely ms eboni chocolate from Chicago,illinois! Gentlemen that are in the Chicago area or coming to the Chicago area and have interest in meeting me for fun must have a donation that's worthwhile!! No donation no see me! Respectable gentlemen will understand where I'm coming from!

Ts Candy Mouf

Transsexual: 33y (USA) 91.1k visits

13 videos - 96 photos

TS CANDY MOUF......P4P only Charlotte and surrounding areas....Hey guys it's me TS Candy Mouf FF 10" vers BIG BOOTY transexual from Charlotte NC my contact info is listed below contact me if u are interested in taking a trip too Candy Land XOXO


Transsexual: 34y (Germany) 25.7k visits

9 photos

Famous turkish shemale escort ..visit my homepage for more information..


Transsexual: 62y (USA) 19k visits

195 favs - 11 photos

Cute, Sexy, Bi-sexual, Sweet and a good personality. I am a pre-op transsexual and 150 pounds. I am very passionate, affectionate, open minded, into men and women, intelligent and a fun loving girl. I enjoy going out to dinner and a drink, movies, plays, traveling and whatever makes my life more interesting. I love kinky sex and love porn movies and always wanted to be in one. I do like BBC. Does that make me bad ??????. Lets meet and see where it goes!


Transsexual woman: 19y (Germany)

2 videos

Hey hey I am cool vampire girl which does LEWD ASMR - VRPorn :) also RL videos! (NSFW VR Content) check out my other social media links!


Transsexual: 32y (USA) 80.3k visits

3 videos - 5 photos


Transsexual: 24y (USA) 15.1k visits

72 favs - 4 photos


Transsexual: 27y (USA) 44.3k visits

2 videos

I'm an actress and aspiring model, especially if that modeling involves bondage work. I post bondage vids here once in a while, but if you want to see more, check out my website ?

Bianca Almeida Trans

Transsexual: 31y (Brazil) 18.6k visits

4 videos - 3 photos

Meu nome e Bianca Almeida estou aqui para te trazer muito prazer adoro ganha presentes em dinheiro. faço show via Skype.My name is Bianca Almeida I'm here to bring you a lot of pleasure I love to win gifts in cash. I do a show via PayPal


Man: 33y (Lebanon) 108.5k visits

hi I'm 35 years old my cock 20 cm and hung . i like have sex in skype my Id Follow me at Twitter @Ahmat_88


Transsexual: 24y (Brazil) 22.9k visits

4 videos

Olá, me chamo Luiza Devil ?, sou modelo, bailarina, tenho 24 anos e vou usar o canal para divulgar prévias dos vídeos que eu faço para venda de conteúdo. Me acompanhe nas redes sociais @luizadevil (twitter e Instagram)


Transsexual: 32y (USA) 46.7k visits

8 videos - 28 favs - 36 photos

Heyyy ;* if you've come to this page you've stumbled upon a kinky white sissy gurl who is just looking for some sexy black men to please. & since I wanna act likea gurl I should only be able to orgasm like one ? I'm still looking for an alpha black man to serve. Jus remember, the more u treat me like a gurl the kinkier & nastier I become :D

Viviana Conti1

Transsexual woman: 34y (Chile) 3.1k visits

5 videos - 23 favs - 35 photos

Trans Venezolana viviendo ahora en Chile. Mi Twitter: Vivi_Bella87

Miih Baby

Transsexual: 23y (Brazil) 128.2k visits

5 videos - 16 photos


Transsexual: 21y (USA) 3.4k visits

8 videos

I like shibari, I'm a trans man and I love posting everywhere


Transsexual: 57y (United Kingdom) 32.1k visits

8 videos - 34 favs

I’m a professional submissive pain slut who loves showing off, I’m happy to be contacted by producers and channel owners for shoots. I’m totally pansexual and love getting really really kinky. Please enjoy my content you lovely perverts. Also open to escorting enquiries, if you let me know what you want to do I’ll give you a price. Groups welcome.


Transsexual: 57y (USA) 25.7k visits

2 videos - 21 favs - 8 photos

FTM Bi-ish transman. Interested in:beefy, hairy men, thick cocks (what good is it to hit bottom if you don't stretch the sides?), single or multiple, creampie, outdoors & public places, glory holes, interracial, and questionable consent. Msg me on gmail if you're in the area & want to ride. Would love to add a vid of you (& your buddies) leaving a creamy surprise in me. I love the look on a man's face as he's dumping his nuts inside me.


Transsexual: 29y (Brazil) 99.6k visits

3 videos - 52 photos


Transsexual: 51y (United Kingdom) 10.3k visits

6 favs - 56 photos

Hi I am Vicky I am going to be a girl in 24 months time and I am going to being a girl and I wear women's dress all the time . I love wearing women's dress . I love it all it makes me so so happy . I do not like being a man . I do love having sex with woman only from 20 to 50 years old . I am very romantic too and love be with a sexy right woman now ? Love Vicky xxxx I will have sex with any girl but I will be in a woman dress if girl want to suck my cock ? Please email at Vicky. or skype me username vicky green 676 and I am on x Hamster .com my username Vicky green 870 love Vicky xxxxx ps I am looking for a girl can squirt in my mouth please help me with this ?


Transsexual: 30y (Brazil) 131.8k visits

8 videos - 32 photos

Sou amante do sexo amo pes masculino adoro fuder sem frescura não respondo perfil sem fotos curto curti homens educados maduros q saber realmente uq querem antes de pensa em sexo vem uma boa amizade vamos nos conhecer e ver uq rola bjs chat liberado


Transsexual woman: 25y (Chile)

2 videos

Pasa a ver mis ricos vídeos ???? Espero te gusten


Transsexual: 40y (Romania) 35.1k visits

Hi! I would like to be an porn actriss and to have an gangbang experience! I am that tope of trans women wich dont like and can not use the sexual organ!


Transsexual woman: 22y (USA) 2.5k visits

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spunky tomboy. part time brat. part time sub. full time nympho ??? I like sexploitation, outdoors, bondage, feet and other freaky stuffs ig ;)

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